“NK” is our childhood codename for making interesting things to play. We imagined a global corporation where we make toys products and also digital entertainment. We now realized it by making it the company name of a in-progress game studio. Since 2008, we took on the challenge to create good games, for people who wanted something more in their lives beside those “main” alpha games.

The journey to create good games is tedious, tough, difficult, challenging, a grind and it mostly resulted in defeats and disappointments. And even if you have created something you felt was worth it and it had gained some traction, a small misstep can cost you the game and it is no longer cool. Gg. We had created a good game, but we failed to move it forward by addressing the players concerns and and making the right investments to push it forward to the right platform, the type of wanted game style to stay with the trend. Those are lessons we took to heart.

Fantasyworld Hero

Fantasyworld Hero ©2008-2010 NK Toys and Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

So taking all these experiences, we are still not giving up in working out our dream – to make good cool games. For the many crap games we made, we took the lessons and know that we will be making an interesting one soon. We do not settle for something of just a clone, or just the current trend.

Louis (NKBDL)
Founder of NK

April 2, 2017