It was Easter and I was quite tired because of the carry over of the week’s work stress onto the holidays. It is important to find that right balance between life, work and passion. You passion is important because I would really say, it makes you a human being with a soul. I encourage you all to not talk about your passion, but to really do it!!

Designing a Game People (and You) Wanted

I kept referring to it, Clash Royale is currently the best mobile game out there. I played other games lately and they got bored after a week. You cannot lie to yourself, a game is an entertainment and an entertainment means you must be entertained right? The subject on game design creativity actually goes quite deep, as outlined in this featured GameSpot article, XCOM Lead Explains Why Some Triple-A Games Fail, they interviewed Jake Solomon, lead designer of XCOM2 on his perspective (I loved the XCOM series and it’s sequel!). As explained by Jake Solomon, being a lead designer is tough and you need to always have the courage to innovate knowing it will most likely fail. Try to fail fast and learn from it, and quickly innovate again is the key.

As a gamer, you will feel bored yet you sometimes do not know why. And as a designer, it is another step back and you are looking at when you design the game, will the player like it and feel entertained? It is very easy for amateur designers to just copy and take a few elements from games out there, or by taking some template they downloaded and stick their logo and graphics on there. Think about it, if you see a game on the App Store knowing you’ve pretty much seen those controls and game logic from another better game, will you be entertained?

Making your own game means you must enjoy it. I will even go to the extend of saying making a great game is about how much you love to play this game you are making. Only when you love what you do, you can do great work. Sounds familiar? Yes indeed.

Most players/gamer know what they wanted, bits and pieces, but they do not necessary know how to express them, nor willing to speak about it. Here is a page we can take from Clash Royale, with some taken from their latest forum post with developers Dev Q&A Round VII [Answers], adding some of my own thoughts:

  • Establish an atmosphere where players/gamer feel welcomed to express their thoughts, just like in their forums
  • Be really responsive and show players/gamer you really care
  • Show players/gamer your team will deliver the best for them, like they will only push out cards when they feel it is done, but not for the sake of releasing them,
  • Make change a constant, alway try to do things and don’t worry about failure
  • Make fun a constant

Not the best list perhaps, what are your thoughts and comments? Let me know below!

Louis (NKBDL)

Apr 19, 2017

Categories: Developer's Blog


Louis (NKBDL) here. I am currently into Clash Royale, Walking Dead Road to Survival and various mobile games. The best PC games I loved playing recently were Dota2, Starcraft2, Xcom2 and Civilization Beyond Earth. For mobile games I loved Out There Omega. For our company NK, we seek to bring you the best fun ideas from our mind to the most recent mobile platforms. Stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook and subscribing to Todcha comics!

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