Learning Materials for Indie Developers

Why We Should Continue To Learn

As a human being, not only for indie-developers, we must continue to learn and to contribute.

I had stopped that process during some stage of my life, and the result was disastrous because no one know what I can do, and during that time, I lost track of what is going on in the world and I repeated what I know already (while the world keeps on evolving). I encourage all to keep learning through various channels, like the following which I found useful.

Study from Online Courses

Join some paid online courses (not expensive at all) to systemically learn a subject. It helps to structure your thoughts.

Read Game Developer Blogs & Forums

Get a few quality sites and start reading them. For me this was a new experience too. Instead of just playing games and surf the news, go to these sites for the sharing from game developers.

  • Gamasura.com – Their sub heading is “The Art & Business of Making Games”

Subscribe to Google Alerts

  • Login to Chrome, go to google “google alerts”. Type in subject like “games development” and let Google find you interesting articles and read them from your email.

Facebook Groups

  • Login to Facebook, go search and join Facebook Groups like Indie Game Development Feedback (Closed Group). If it is a closed group ask for the approval and wait for your approval. Good groups attract people of the like minds. I found people who do music and managed to ask them a few things like if they could freelance and help me add music to my game. And having a group there made you know you are not alone. Contribute to the community and be a good member.

Read Books

I constantly read books. It is my hobby. But of course this depends. For some readings I would recommend are as follows:

  • A Year with Minecraft: Behind the Scenes at Mojang by Thomas Arnroth
  • Zero to One by Peter Thiel

How do you usually learn and keep yourself up-to-date? Do you keep learning or did you forget about it like me? Feel free to share your story, or let me know if I should share more above!

Cheers! For good games!

Louis (NKBDL)

Aug 12, 2017

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