The week passed quick and I’ve spent too much time playing and dueling in Clash Royale. That ridiculous clan battle mode is just too much fun. Being a gamer and love to play games, you can’t resist a good game right? I know I really need to get that time management right and well!

Mobile Game Marketing Part 1

For this past week, I was engaged into doing better marketing for our Todcha brand and for our upcoming game. It was something where I failed before, we had a decent game on Facebook yet we didn’t connect with more people and stuck with our active daily 1,000+ players. So I looked at how we should do better. I broke the topic down into a few questions:

  1. What channels do we have now? How can I improve on them?
  2. What other channels can I use?
  3. What is my time allowed for each and possible investment of time and cost?

The thing is, instead of doing it via the normal channels like publishers in which you have to abide to other’s platform rules, why not work on your own channels and have fun doing so? At the very least, it sounds challenging yet it is yours and it is fun.

MailChimp – The Email List

The first question reminded me that we have a Todcha Email List hosted on MailChimp, we were doing it almost since day 1 from 2011, yet we didn’t really promote it. Time to fix the email by updating the layout to a more modern one, and then tell more people about it. Done.

Todcha Comics - Your Weekly Dose of Modern Office & Life Humor (11 Apr 2017)

Todcha Comics – Your Weekly Dose of Modern Office & Life Humor (11 Apr 2017)

So a quick thing, free free to sign-up with the following link:

Sign-up for Todcha Comics – Your Weekly Dose of Modern Office & Life Humor!

Facebook – Our likes

Second, we have a Todcha Facebook page of like 2,000+ likes. We spend some little money per week so it runs a bit and get us “Likes”. For those who doesn’t really understand it, your “Likes” followers and friends connecting to them, potentially can see your posts. This is called your “reach”. However, as far as I know, Facebook doesn’t give you much reach because now-a-days it is pay to get “reach” (not rich lol). It is like you make your contents and have to paid so your fans can see your contents. Strange logic to me. And not cool to me. Why do I say that? Because we knew from our followers feedback, they asked us if we had published any comics lately? But we do post contents every week! Really? So our current plan now, is still trying to maintain it, but we are limiting our investments on Facebook for the moment. Any thoughts? I was told to just focus on getting more new “Likes” from there, and try as hard as I can to bring them out. Just like saving Neo from Matrix.

“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it”
― Morpheus The Matrix

Just kidding. But there was a blog article I read about Converting Facebook “Likes” Into Subscribers. I think it is quite legit except that annoying pop-up box trying to get my email.

Shall share more later.

Louis (NKBDL)

Apr 12, 2017

Categories: Developer's Blog


Louis (NKBDL) here. I am currently into Clash Royale, Walking Dead Road to Survival and various mobile games. The best PC games I loved playing recently were Dota2, Starcraft2, Xcom2 and Civilization Beyond Earth. For mobile games I loved Out There Omega. For our company NK, we seek to bring you the best fun ideas from our mind to the most recent mobile platforms. Stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook and subscribing to Todcha comics!

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