Collecting things is what we do since childhood. For most of the games we played, one attractive element was for sure the possibility to collect things. We played games like Clash Royale where we collect character cards; DiabloBorderlands where we collect unique guns; Yu-Gi-Oh!/ Pokémon Go games where core of their game is about collecting cards; Horizon Zero Dawn where you chase around mechanical machine monsters and record these machine monsters in your encounter log; To name a few. The collection element played a big role in these games for sure.

Types of Collectible Games

Since the first day of designing games, we always put this collection element first. I am sure many designers did elements of these without themselves knowing so. Guns collection, unlock special characters, special stage etc., all are examples of elements of a collectible game. Although a big caution, for this happened all the time, is that many game designers (us included) focused on the collection elements and forgot about the core game play. Pokémon Go was an example of such, collection was huge, yet the game play was very poor. I wrote a blog on it to voice my view!

Anyways, back on the topic. Collecting things is always fun, and first let me recap here with a list, the things you may consider in a collectible game and what they are:

  • Collecting Usable Character or Cards (e.g. Clash Royale, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon Go, Star Wars – Force Arena) – This is quite popular these days where you play to gain a random card pack, or encounter random characters within the game play. What you do is keep collecting until you get really strong characters/ cards to fight for you!
  • Collecting Weapons (e.g. Diablo, Borderlands, Monster Hunter) – Similar to the above, but it is collecting weapons to use. Be mindful of this, because it was very well known that in Diablo, people actually pay a fortune to get these special weapons!
  • Collecting Character Skins (e.g. Dota2, League of Legends) – It doesn’t affect the actual game play, it is more like a “pride” thing when you use your own customized skin, and when you do use the most rare skin, make sure you are good enough!
  • Collecting Monster/ Characters Logbook (e.g. Horizon Zero Dawn, X-Com2) – It is like once you defeated the monster, or encountered it, you see a log of it within the game. It also doesn’t affect the actual game play, but yet it offers you additional info when you look at it’s profile. Some monster types are rare, and it is cool to know you beat/seen everyone of them!

Do you have your view on this topic? What are you opinions and what was your favorite things to collect in a game? What designs have you thought of? Feel free to share!

Cheers! For good games!

Louis (NKBDL)

Jun 1, 2017

Categories: Developer's Blog


Louis (NKBDL) here. I am currently into Clash Royale, Walking Dead Road to Survival and various mobile games. The best PC games I loved playing recently were Dota2, Starcraft2, Xcom2 and Civilization Beyond Earth. For mobile games I loved Out There Omega. For our company NK, we seek to bring you the best fun ideas from our mind to the most recent mobile platforms. Stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook and subscribing to Todcha comics!

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