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Game designing is never meant to be easy. Think of all the mobile games you’ve installed and deleted without even opening them? Yup you do it and I do it. When we try a new game, we were psychologically attracted to certain elements. If a game process these elements, the game gets a chance to lead us through installation, beyond that loading page, to really try the game. Yup, as in all things in life, first impression matters.


Recognize these? 15 top mobile games of 2016 chosen by Android Authority.

Ok, then without wasting time, here are the elements I would think about:

1. Things You Cannot See & Cannot Change:

  • Game genre – You may design for a specific game type, but you can’t really expect everyone to like the particular one you were designing. So people will search for keywords, and seek what they wanted. You cannot change that but you can make the best game of that particular type.
  • App Store Listing Algorithm – In general, the less installation an application has, the less likely it will show up on top of the page. You may get some help such as your fans and community to help try your game, but you still need the general mass public be able to find and play your game. Off the app store marketing matters.

2. Key Design Elements (These You Can Do Your Best On):

  • Game Name – Is it easy to remember? Does your game felt like an original or just a rip off or an unfinished homework?
  • Game Logo – I would say the logo is the most important when it comes to first impression. A well done logo will attract users to click on your game.
  • Screenshots – Seriously, all I wanted to see is how the game looks like, does it give me the entertaining factors which I have in mind? I’ve seen too much overly messy screenshots and I just will not bother looking further.
  • User Reviews – I have a habit to read through the negative reviews to get a feel of the game. Normally it is the negative reviews which give the best insight to the flaws of the game, and user confusion. What you can do, is really be humble, and don’t be a robot cut and paste your answers. You are dealing with human being and you are not assigning grades by giving standard comments and answers. Treat your users well and they will be your fans.
  • Ads – If you need money for your game, that’s really your own thing. People simply do not wish to see ads because ads are extremely annoying! I personally do not see these clips are entertaining and it just devalued my gaming experience. Think of you are in a theater and suddenly a commercial pops up! If you wish to monetize your game, think of in game items and better balance. Make any form of monetization an option rather then a must. But I don’t recommend Ads it is just destructive.
  • Game Crashes – You can’t really avoid this, because there are way too many makes phones. However, do best to test it on the latest phones, and ask your friends to try them. If it crashes, it means your game is gonna crash and fall as well!

3. Questions To Ask Yourself For Follow Ups:

  • Does your game send notification? Are these notifications meaningful, helpful and fun for your users?
  • Does your game encourage continuity? Is it a one time game or is it a game of competition like Clash Royale, or is it a collection level up game like Marvel Future Fight, or it is like the game Out There where it is so difficult to play yet the levels will always be different? Users demand for new contents, new ideas to excite their mind. If it isn’t interesting, exciting and fun, they ain’t going to come back.

Here is an article on a list of 100 android games. Nice to learn from them but most importantly, did I missed any interesting games?

Remember, if it is not Epic, It will be uninstalled!

What are your ideas and what are your comments? Share below!

Louis (NKBDL)

Sep 5, 2016





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