Haven’t written casually for a very long time already.

Now given the chance to co-develop a brand new mobile game, my bro invited me to pick up my pen (should be keyboard/ mobile phone) and begin jotting down my thoughts and feelings along the way.

So here it is, my first post again after quite a long time (i failed on keeping up writing on Facebook as well as Tumblr).

There are many changes in life going on for me in recent years. Work aside, I am now having a great relationship and will move on to next phase of life soon (you bet what it is, it means getting married!). Work-wise, nothing much to complain as hours are not too bad and colleagues are friendly and funny. There seems, however, a lack of achievement for me to make some impacts to the world and people around me, that is also something different to what most people will do.

I think this game we are making offers us something different, and is a ticket to something bigger and exciting in life. At least, that’s what my feelings are.

Will write more again soon. (I’m at work!)


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Ciaos Ng

A low grade staff working inside an international accounting firm. Reading and drawing comics are his passion. Currently developing game with his (cool) brother.

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