Clash Royale, The Most Ridiculous Duel

Clash Royale by Supercell is indeed a ridiculous game, I just lost 300 trophies and dropped in arena ranking, felt really shxt about myself yet I still kept playing. I felt exactly like that when I played Dota2 (I was never a really good player there, just at 2k rating). You know what I am talking about. The great thing about this game is, unlike many mobile games who claimed you are playing against real players yet you were playing with an AI using their cards, this game lets you play against real players in real time. And to add more wow to that, the game launch time, search for new game time are significantly faster than many games out there. I don’t care how they do it, because all I know is the game is enjoyable, fun and still expanding.

The latest game mode, from the official site dubbed “Outrageous New Game Mode” is the latest leak on the next update possibly coming on Mar 24, 2017.

According to multiple sources (just search in Google “Clash Royale March Update”, updates will likely include the following:

  • Balance Changes for Executioner, Inferno Dragon, Battle Ram.
  • Removal of Legend Trophies
  • New Bridge Challenges
  • New Goblin Ninja card
  • Clan/2V2 Battle

Knowing that they have a possible clan battle, and it will be formatted as a 2V2 game made me very excited in seeing how this game will progress as another e-sports eligible game. You do not have to take my words for it, but I think they are a game of huge potential.

What interest me most is that this game, this development team kept on making the right moves into satisfying the players, talking about great development team developing great game and making the company great!

Although there are so many people with Meta-decks, what I use is the following Mortar Deck and to me I got tons of fun unloading those ranged splash shots. I managed to get up to a decently high rating as well. Come play me. 😉

NKBDL (Louis)

Mar 10, 2017

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