I love this zombie game. For a while, I’ve been searching for the right zombie game which gives me the right feel of survival, collection, thrill yet have a balance of survival and the right amount of challenge.

Note that this game is still in it’s beta, yet it did attract enough players and interest already. Follow their Last Day on Earth Facebook page for updated information.

Criteria of Special Events

On to the topic and sorry for skipping the beginner stuffs (you may find them in Last Day on Earth Fandom Wiki). For over the past week I tried hard to get to a plane crash site and get some airdrops. From what I’ve read, and my observations:

  • Events will occur when you enter and exit a location
  • A bunch of events will occur (about 3 each day) and after so, it takes a day for them to reappear randomly
  • Only when your energy is low at around 51, air drops and merchant shop appears
  • When I got to as low as  0-20 energy, more things including the plane crash site will appear
  • After the latest update of v.1.5.4, seems the merchants and air drops appear closer to home

Thus, I kept my energy at about 40, keep using them and travel around on the map to use enough of them, while doing enter and exit on the locations. I managed to get to a few airdrop sites and grab goodies such as two Skull Crushers, rubber, and various paint cans.


The Impossible Plane Crash Event

This is where I wanted to reach, and my method was I tried to stay on the top-right of the map, where it is between the Bunker Bravo, Infected Forest and Pine Wood. Since I travel on map only, 20 bottle of water and 20 cooked meat on hand is sufficient for my enter and exit of the locations for a full human day. The distance to travel still needed a good 20 plus minutes if a plane crash event ever occur in the middle of these three locations, so without some energy you still will not make it. However, I discovered one more thing… that it, the plane event never appear over the past 5 days I tried! And it appeared once when I am really low on energy and at the location back home… with 15 minutes to get there and 10 energy.

I managed to catch 2-3 air drops over the past days, but even when I see it, I cannot get to the plane crash event…

Running around to capture the special plane crash event

So I think you cannot make it as of beta v.1.5.4. unless you buy energy.

I might be wrong. But these were my observations. Let me know if you find different answers.

NKBDL (Louis)

Aug 16, 2017


Louis (NKBDL) here. I am currently into Clash Royale, Walking Dead Road to Survival and various mobile games. The best PC games I loved playing recently were Dota2, Starcraft2, Xcom2 and Civilization Beyond Earth. For mobile games I loved Out There Omega. For our company NK, we seek to bring you the best fun ideas from our mind to the most recent mobile platforms. Stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook and subscribing to Todcha comics!

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