Street Fighter 2 and Its Epic eSports Moment

Arrrr You Kannn! I so remember those moments in Street Fighter 2 fights. It was a childhood thing which will never go away. Referencing to one of the greatest moments in Street Fighter tournment history, I’ve never seen this match in real, but it definitely was one of the most epic moments ever happened in the history of eSports!

Designing a game is never meant to be easy. I always tell people, don’t do anything for the sake of doing it, do it with your passion because that’s the only way you can excel and be really delivering quality for others. In a world where everything is quick, information rich and exciting, if your game is just schoolwork quality, it will be dull and boring.

Every moment of the Street Fighter 2 game was spot on, the music, sound effects, actions, moves, amount of characters, the competitions really does this, wow, wow and wow. Even while I was writing this article, I went to YouTube and look at the opening of Street Fighter 2. The opening theme and music still excites me. I am not a good player of quick fighting games, yet I feel that tense and amazement. Even the below moment was dead on:

sf2 continue moment
That continue moment, you as a fighter, will for sure put in a few coins more, or press start button to continue!!

Dammit I am gonna to kick your sorry @$$&&!!!! Ahh I overreacted… 😉

NKBDL (Louis)

Sep 13, 2016

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