Seriously I left the game, the series when my computer could no longer catch up with the game graphics (it is sad right..) while I also had issues with work and relationships. Then it happens that these days I upgraded my computer, got into a wonderful relationship, and my day job is progressing alright. After trying out XCom2 (not finished yet), I got my hands on the digital download version of the game from, Starcraft 2 – Legacy of the Void, the last part of the Starcraft 2 trilogy.

I loved Starcraft (yes the first Starcraft, not Starcraft 2) since the day it came out. Gone crazy about Terrain mass marines, tank drops and even going onto making various website (no longer exist now), and yet playing it with a slow computer. I kept playing and I played on very tiny 4v4 maps (to ensure I can play with a normal speed). However, this time it is different, I actually can play with the standard high graphics mode and can click my units normally (I do not have quick APM – a stat meaning Actions Per Minutes how fast you issue commands). None-the-less, I thought I will never be playing the series again since Starcraft was lastly known as a quick APM only game. But I still loved the campaign mode. I achieved 100% on Wings of Liberty, 99% on Heart of the Swarm, and now I got addicted again onto Legacy of the Void. Ok it is not a new game, but hey I love it.

The campaigns were well made, contents were well thought of and not repetitive, the graphics and stories were great and intriguing. It surprised me that the stories of Protoss can go as deep as variations of tribes, conflicting ideologies of the characters, but yet the protagonist Artanis, the Hierarch (the highest rank like a leader?) of the Protoss managed to pull everyone together in this trilogy finale, where they finally seek out their creator. I am going to stop here not saying more.

NKBDL Starcraft 2 Achievements

My Starcraft 2 campaign achievements at 100%, 99% (was 100% why…), 68% Nice…

Over the weekend of getting my hands (and mind) on this game, I got through about 2/3 of the game in 2 days. I am looking to get all 100% campaign soon! Dame I am excited!

NKBDL (Louis)

Aug 23, 2016



Louis (NKBDL) here. I am currently into Clash Royale, Walking Dead Road to Survival and various mobile games. The best PC games I loved playing recently were Dota2, Starcraft2, Xcom2 and Civilization Beyond Earth. For mobile games I loved Out There Omega. For our company NK, we seek to bring you the best fun ideas from our mind to the most recent mobile platforms. Stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook and subscribing to Todcha comics!

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