The release of the X-Com series by 2K Games (X-Com: Enemy Within in 2013 & X-Com 2 in 2016) once again opened my eyes to well designed strategic games. I did once hooked on playing UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) and I loved that horror, thriller of what is (are) lurking in the dark while trying to be strategic in my deployments. It really got me boiling again when X-Com 2 came out with the same type of game progression, same challenges and thrill, while it is played on the modern day platforms and style. As a gamer I would like to feel I am in some kind of control, yet there still are some intriguing challenges which I have to face. And as a gamer I was more than exciting that the same game of old, was modernized and it is not just a clone from it’s old-self.

X-Com 2

I will skip talking about XCOM: Enemy Within (It was good but this one is better) and go straight to X-Com 2. When you thought about that’s all there is to a game and it cannot do it better, yet the development team lead by X-Com lead designer Jake Soloman of Firaxis Games done it again with X-Com 2, and their add-ons kept on coming and they are making the game better and better (They have Anarchy’s Children, Alien Hunters, Shen’s Last Gift). Dispute the lack of multi-player (honestly I don’t need it) and some say compatibility of systems (the later development is mainly on PC), I cannot ask for more. Customized gears, special gears, customization of the soldiers, the strategic layer, the hectic of seeing some special monsters, the beautiful graphics, the smooth of the game, the amount of different options, the story telling, and when I finally won the war (after so many save/load games). It is really satisfying.

The thing of missing a shot even with 99%, that’s X-Com in a nutshell. I will try find a picture of it somewhere from my steam folder…

X-Com 2 soldier equipment management, an improved system compare to X-Com: Enemy Unknown. This guy is my best of the best sniper 😉

X-Com 2 game menu screen

X-Com 2 War of the Chosen

I didn’t expect this to happen, but it did and it is something new. X-Com 2: War of the Chosen is a DLC which will be released on Aug 29, 2017, as per sources. I have yet to learn of more details, but it already added so much to it and it is like a different game.

What’s added

  • 3 Resistant Factions, each have a unique set of combat skills and pumped soldiers to offer
  • 3 Alien “Chosen” warriors, they call them “chosen champions”, which will be like generals of the alien race to try to throw you off your operation by on the strategy map, and also in the actual
  • More aliens to deal with (at least 4 types, they were named Priest, Purifier, The Lost & Spectre). The fact that “The Lost” is like a zombie made me kinda fear how the game will be like, since X-Com was never designed to attack mass group of things.. grenades will run out and bullets will not really be enough! It d’ be fun to shoot zombies however!
  • Likely new maps they call it “abandoned cities” (I truly like that and welcome that!)
  • Added depth to game play, including “relationship” of the soldiers, a better relationship will lead them to do better with each other. Kinda like SIMS but you get guns hun? LOL.

I do wonder how much this will add to the strategic layer, and will it change how it will be played and the feel of things? Being strategic is like everything on the game board has a rather fair chance of winning, if they added hero like characters to the game, it will make other soldiers relatively weaker and perhaps I only needed to upgrade certain ones? I am not sure but those will be my doubts. Will the added elements take away the fear of taking one more step out because my character is way too strong?

The game had gained so much attention already. If you want to know more, click the links below to external sites. I’ve done so much searches already just to try dig out more!

NKBDL (Louis)

Jun 23, 2017

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