Our Game Journey

We begin loving games since we were little, just like many of us. The gaming industry evolved from board games to console like Nintendo to pc games like Blizzard’s WarCraft to the current digital age with apps, and soon very likely with VR & AR. But much of these things have elements in common. A game is a game to enjoy. As many of you have questions on how to start your own game studio, we’ve decided to share them here.

We will keep the following updated. Last updated was Jan 19, 2018.

How We Design Them

  1. What makes a good game?
  2. Is addiction good?
  3. Game Ratings
  4. How to balance a game
  5. What are great games in 2018
  6. The current Meta of games, How to foresee trends
  7. How to be indie, what defines Indie?, How well will I succeed being an entrepreneur/ how does bootstrapping works/ How to answer the “what do you do” question
  8. How to develop for different platforms
  9. Best approach to emarketing
  10. Level Design
  11. Art, Photoshop, Pixel Art
  12. Elements of Collecting
  13. Groups on Fb

Tools We Use


  • Google Play Store
  • WordPress & SEO
  • Facebook Company Page


Here are some good books which I recommend.