The Guide to Indie Games Development (Article in Constant Development, last updated Jun 22, 2017)

We call this section, “The Indie Scene”.

Over the years, I have been searching for resources on how to design games. I’ve been to classes on game design, bought books on graphics and games, played a lot of games, and also thought about what it is and what it takes to be one of the best game designers. I know I am far from it but yet I believe if I do share my own notes here on this website, it will be both beneficial to me, and to people who wanted to be one of the best like me.

Table of Contents

  1. Your Dream Come True – Are You Certain?
    • Is this really your dream? What is your objective?
    • My sharing of doing games
  2. Designing Your Game
    • Make a draft on paper
    • Put it up and think about it later
    • If you don’t like it, no one will like it
  3. Planning
    • Work Wise
      • Part time or Full time?
      • What is your talent?
      • Team building
    • Game
      • Scope of Game
      • Basics of an attractive game (Hook, Skill, Quality, etc.)
    • Marketing
      • Know your niche
      • Identify your collaborators
      • Pricing
    • Legal
      • Intellectual Property
  4.  Development
    • Platform to build on
    • Tools to Use
    • Game Logic
    • Graphics
    • Coding
  5. Launching

External Resources