What are the differences between WordPress Posts and WordPress Pages? As a developer for my own projects and sometimes for others, this question lead me to do research as to what differences, and how to manage them correctly. I summarized my findings below. (updated Jan 24, 2018)

WordPress Page

Content wise, WordPress Pages are static contents such as “About Us”, “Privacy Policy”, “Disclaimer”, “Contact Us”, and also descriptive contents like “Brand Home Page”, “Company Mission”, “Finance Reporting”, “Character Pages”. It is useful when your contents are what I call solid anchor contents on your website.┬áTo elaborate, it is best for contents which are considered official contents which doesn’t need too much updates, are not timely contents and are not meant to generate conversation.

In WordPress usage, Pages are sorted by hierarchy, and how you place them based on your WordPress menu.

In terms of SEO in my opinion, Pages are generally better then WordPress, because the contents lasts longer and can be as I said, solid anchor contents for your website!

WordPress Post

Content wise, WordPress Posts are time sensitive contents such as news, opinions and reviews. Sample contents like “What are the best 2018 Android Phones”, “My thoughts on StarWars Episode 8” are be good post topics. Post are source of contents for RSS feeds for your subscribers. They are conversation generators which allow users to comment.

In WordPress usage, Posts are organized by categories and tags, while sorted in reverse chronological order. They can also be archived.

So WordPress Page or WordPress Post?


For official contents, use WordPress Page

For news and timely contents, use WordPress Post



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